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Our Mission

Quality Products for a Quality Life

Natural Wellness is a woman-owned small business that has been a leading provider of premium CBD Brands since 2017. Our mission is simple: Provide clients with organically grown, quality products tested by certified third party labs. Our retail store provides a welcoming environment with in-depth product information and consumer education.


Our Story

My venture with CBD started on a whim. My friend’s dog had hip dysplasia and dealt with chronic pain. She invited me to tag along to a seminar about the health benefits of CBD. At the time, I didn’t know much about CBD, but I was interested in learning so I attended. The information presented that day was life-changing for us. We decided to try out some of the CBD products. In a matter of weeks, her dog was experiencing relief and we were both reaping the health benefits of CBD as well. We wanted to share our experiences with both people and the dogs they love. The next two years were truly fulfilling; as CBD vendors at dog shows we educated both professional and owner-handlers about CBD and its application to the physical and emotional well-being of dogs.The client testimonials and first-hand observations were beyond rewarding.  These success stories inspired me to share my expertise with more people by offering a retail experience in the midwest.  

The rest was history.  My daughter and I decided to embark on that journey together, opening a CBD store in Gladstone in 2017. Among the very first CBD retail locations of the Northland, we were proud to begin providing quality products as an alternative to both over-the-counter and traditional pharmaceuticals.  Through the experiences and testimonials from clients, friends and family, we have witnessed the health benefits that come from using the finest CBD products. It is our continued mission to assist and advise people who seek to improve their quality of life using the best CBD products available. 

I have been using CBD for seven years, and the improvements have been remarkable.  My quality of sleep is better, my brain-fog has lifted and my focus is sharper than ever, the relief from my daily aches and pains helps me sail through my yoga classes.  

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